Since 2019, under the influence of various global factors, the decentralized blockchain world has achieved unprecedented development. Among other accomplishments, the global game market juggernaut has succeeded in generating massive annual revenue and user growth. GameFi's popularity has become the focus of the market. Subsequently, many restrictions of ETH Layer 1 hindered the further development of the entire GameFi industry. Better solutions are urgently needed, and as a result various Layer 2 and sidechain solutions have emerged.
Although the Layer 2 solution has more obvious advantages in terms of decentralization, the natural complexity and diversity of the game field lead to the conclusion that the sidechain of ETH is more suitable. This is exactly the positioning of Metastem Chain, which leads the way by expanding cooperation with various games. In the future, Metastem Chain will be built into a decentralized platform similar to Steam which supports a broad selection of high quality games. In order to attract more games to join Metastem Chain, we will explore projects that are conducive to improving our ecosystem, and invest in capital and technology such as wallets, NFT trading platforms, DEX, lending, games, metaverse social, etc in early project stages.

What is a Sidechain?

The term "Sidechain" first appeared in a Blockstream paper. A sidechain is an interoperable solution that allows two blockchain networks to verify information about each other's progress through lightweight proofs. The original intention of the sidechain concept was to lock Bitcoin on the Bitcoin blockchain, and then release it in another network (or vice versa) without trusting any intermediary.
However, in the past few years, sidechains have gained their own utility and identity. The term "sidechain" is commonly used to refer to an independent blockchain network that is related to another blockchain network. In fact, this is achieved through a bridge agreement that allows assets to be transferred from the main chain to another blockchain network. The sidechain is a superior solution, with the ability to retain the composability and ecological diversity of Ethereum. As some other Layer 2 extension solutions mature, it is now time to consider how the sidechain can better integrate with existing solutions.
These are just some of the ways in which sidechains bring value to various networks, making them suitable for integration. Among other improvements, sides can:
  • Achieve large-scale migration without fees to ensure that users will not be stuck or unable to withdraw due to fees.
  • Replace the leader election mechanism with a more censorship-resistant solution.
  • Add false proofs to prevent illegal state transitions.
With the maturity of Optimistic Rollup and Optimistic VM technologies, the scope of the project's trade-offs will also change. Therefore, now is a good time to reflect on the properties of sidechains and their related trade-offs.
It is with precisely this opportunity in mind that the Metastem team is determined to combine sidechain technology with GameFi to create the Metastem Chain.
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