Metastem Chain's Value Proposition
Metastem plans to simultaneously develop wallets, cross-chain bridges, and DEX through the main chain to provide a reliable, convenient, fast, and inexpensive application scenario for users eager to enter the world of DeFi and GameFi. The following is the MTS ecosystem plan.

MTS will be Used for Gas Fees in the Sidechain

Metastem Chain will focus on GameFi implementation, taking on the challenge of adapting to the unique characteristics of various games. All games built on Metastem Chain will consume small amounts of MTS as a gas fee for each player transaction, and this portion of the fee will be paid by the game platform.
Through technical upgrades, Metastem will reduce the gas fee by significant amounts of Ethereum to well below the current average rate, ensuring that all users can trade with price benefits.

Decentralized Platform Based on Independent Wallet

Metastem Chain will launch its own decentralized wallet similar to MetaMask. Ours is an independent wallet running on the ETH sidechain, and supporting ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155 and other token formats suitable for game environments with their unique features. At the same time, our wallet also supports the issuance, acquisition, transaction, and storage of various NFTs.
As the number of users using the Metastem Chain wallet increases, the Metastem Chain wallet will gradually develop into a platform akin to Steam. The platform can display all GameFi developed based on the Metastem Chain, and users can also try out these excellent games for the first time.
In the future, various GameFi team will airdrop tokens or create NFT IDO on the Metastem Chain platform in order to attract the first wave of seed users.

NFT and DEX Trading Platform based on Independent Wallet

Metastem Chain will launch its own NFT trading platform to facilitate among players the trading of various NFT items and characters. In the future, DEX will also be supported to facilitate the conduct of decentralized transactions of various in-game token assets among players.

Expand In-depth Cooperation With Games

Embedded in the game are usage scenarios of MTS, such as purchasing game props, NFTs, and more. (In order to prevent disrupting the balance of the game, we strive to empower MTS holders with as many game rights as possible)
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