Reasons for Creating Metastem Chain

Reason 1: The Continuously Expanding Blockchain Network

The network congestion caused by the CryptoKitties game in 2017 is still fresh in the minds of blockchain observers. However, with the recent emergence of the second-layer Ethereum expansion protocol (Layer2), a new high-throughput blockchain, and other scalability solutions, blockchain games have gained a solid foundation for vigorous development.

Reason 2: Increasing DeFi Tools and Architecture

Many basic decentralized financial tools (for example, AMM: automatic market makers) have been tested in precarious real-world scenarios, and have been widely implemented. Game developers can combine these tools to realize game monetization and promote purchases, lending, staking and other essential financial activities.

Reason 3: The Rise of NFT

The ERC-721 standard's many innovations may be credited for the recent boom in NFT development and financial activity, resulting in widespread public awareness of the value of NFTs themselves. By owning NFT characters and props, users can more truly experience the value brought forth by rare game assets.

Reason 4: Web 2 Interoperability

Traditional technology giants such as Microsoft and Facebook have begun to join the decentralized ecosystem, opening up a potential new distribution mechanism for crypto-driven games. For example, Apple's recent changes to the App Store can make it easier for iOS users to directly access NFT-based "play to earn" games.

Reason 5: Metaverse

As the new frontier of digital experience, the concept of the metaverse is inevitably too abstract, turning off most ordinary users. However, fun and engaging games hold the potential to attract real-world users to experience and embrace the metaverse in the early stages. As the metaverse is further decrypted through GameFi, it becomes a more familiar and concrete concept.
It is worth noting that since July this year, in addition to AXS, the prices of NFT game tokens, including TLM, SKILL, SAND, etc., have shown varying degrees of growth. At present, the currency of the metaverse concept is also showing an upward trend.
In fact, the success of "play to earn" games has led traditional game giants to study the rules of the GameFi world. Veteran leaders in the game industry have begun to incorporate the concept of "play to earn" into their products. This powerful force is bound to promote the rapid development of the GameFi industry.
It is also the market dividend brought by GameFi that convinces the Metastem team of its own value, and the presence of new opportunities brought by the market.